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Professional products for cleaning and maintenance of the car

CARCOS produces and distributes the best products for professional cleaning and car maintenance.

Our articles are organized in four sectors: garages, body workshops, car care and industry.

for garages

Products for car maintenance

Our CARCOS line for garages offers the best tools for maintenance and professional car cleaning: choose among our items to repair, clean, de-rust and lubricate the cars

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for the bodywork

Products for Body Workshops

In our CARCOS line for body workshops you will find the most effective professional solutions for painting, polishing and protecting the car from rust and corrosion

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about car care

Detergents and sanitizers for cars

Choose CARCOS professional products for internal and external cleaning of the car: Our catalog offers items to clean the external parts of the vehicle and products to sanitize the passenger compartment and the air conditioning system

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for the industry and heavy vehicles

Lubricants and detergents for industrial vehicles

Whatever the surface needs to be treated with, in our CARCOS range you will find the best professional products for cleaning and lubricating heavy vehicles and industrial environments

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